I am an American music composer and music producer for film, television, video games and popular music. I have been composing and producing in my own production studio for almost two decades. Some of my clients are (Name dropping ahead, sorry) Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, Rhianna, Lumba, Rick Ross, Konami, FIFA, Lucas Arts, Def Jam and Sony to name a few.

My work has been featured on worldwide media like CNN, MTV, G4TV, AlJazeera and BBC.

Always with an eye to the future, I relentlessly endeavor to create and produce the best work in any genre.


Taking your work to the next level

Mix your music with Sami Matar

For over 15 years, I’ve worked with some of the greatest minds in the music industry. I’ve collected invaluable experience, techniques and secret recipes to achieve a unique and sought after sound in the classical, pop, rock and hiphop genres. I’ve also collected my favorite analog gear and software plugins through my journey in music. With the infinitely amazing Avid S6, I’ve managed to marry both the analog and digital worlds in a lovely fashion: The sound of classic analog with the functionality and precision of digital.

I use my 32-channel Avid S6 like an analog mixer – complete with two knob modules per channel – allowing me to have ultra-tight control of each track while not being constrained to the counter-creative workflow of a mouse and keyboard.

Some of my gear includes:
– A Designs HN2 Stereo Compressor
– Avalon VT-747SP
– Two Warm Audio EQP Tube EQ’s
– Two Dizengoff d864 Tube Compressors
– Thermionic Culture Roost II
– Elysia Karacter, Xfilter, Xpressor and Nvelope
– Mammoth Cave Audio Wooly Mammoth
– JDK R24 2-Channel EQ
– Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition 2-Channel Tube Compressor
– Two Capi VP28 PreAmps
– Two Lindell Audio 18XS MkII Preamp/EQ units

In conjunction with a ridiculous amount of plugins.

I also have a collection of veteran musicians from drummers, pianists, brass/woodwind players to strings players that are ready to contribute to any project.

I like to work with intimacy and care for my clients so I may not always be available to take on new work. But when I do take on a project, I will put 100% of me into taking my client’s work to the next level.

all digital WAV forms accepted.

Book your next session with me here: https://www.theaudiohunt.com/profile/sami-matar


Featured Work

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