Sami Matar (Born May 30, 1983) is an American music composer and music producer for film, television, video games and alternative music. He has been composing and producing in his own production studio for over a decade, which adds a very rare and veteran element to his craft. Enabling him to create and develop a very unique and sought after sound. By late 2011, Matar continued to elevate his composition and production talents to new levels; Expanding the tools of his Southern California production studio with industry-changing technology, and custom orchestral templates recorded exclusively in the studio’s live room. All of which help compliment his one of a kind writing and production style. He has composed and produced music for Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, Konami, FIFA, Lucas Arts, The Oakland Raiders and Sony to name a few.

His work has been featured on major worldwide media like CNN, MTV, G4TV, AlJazeera and BBC. Always with an eye to the future, with his established and sought after resume, Sami Matar relentlessly endeavors to create and produce his best work.



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